Susan Hargrove
 Susan Hargrove,artist
I am madly in love with color.  I paint in  many layers as; in the many layers of life. I use paint, wax, pencils, inks, chalks, charcoals, glazes, concrete, etc.. Whatever it takes to create the effects I desire. I experiment and play with the interactions between colors and textures.
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Susan Hargrove is an Ashland, Oregon Native. Susan moved to Sacramento, CA to periuse her art education and career. Her background are in Women's art history and movement, painting, sculpturing, and encaustic works. Susan attended Sacramento City College and completed her studies at University. Susan has had the privilage of working with artists as: Kathy Noonan, Patrick Dullanty,and Michele LeCompte. She has won many awards and honors. Susan particaipated in an Artist Residentance program in Palm Springs, CA. She has owned and operated several art galleries. Susan Hargrove is a versatile painter who works in many medias, her work is expressionistic. This is evolved from her experimentation with materails and combinations of figurative and abstractive work.